Most professional writing companies you come across will provide more services than That’s not to say that this particular service doesn’t offer what most students are looking for. Instead, they focus on what they regard as the most popular services for university students. The writers at EssayService can provide you with professional writing help with:

  • Essays
  • Case studies
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Dissertations
  • Research papers

There are also some other services available, like article review and business plan writing. What makes this organization stand out from a lot of its competitors is that it isn’t solely focused on writing. The team at also provides rewriting and editing services. Regardless of the type of assignment you need rewritten, edited, or proofread, the professional writers at this company can help you.

Pricing and Discounts

If you search for reviews online, you’ll see that most customers have an issue with the pricing. What bothers the majority of users is that there is no pricing plan available on the website. And that’s because EssayService doesn’t have a pricing plan. The price of your paper depends on the writer you choose.

On the front page of this company’s website, you can see a claim that you can get an essay written by one of their professional academic writers starting at only $10 per page. However, if you go through the ordering process, you’ll see that you can hardly find any writer willing to do to work for less than $14 per page.

Another factor that determines the price of your essay is the deadline you set. Let’s say that you wanted to order an essay with a 14-day deadline. In that case, claims that you can find writers willing to complete the assignment starting at $10.8 per page. If you were to change the deadline to 2 days, the price would start at $12.64 per page.

The same goes for rewriting and editing services. If you require rewriting services with a 14-day deadline, you can supposedly find writers willing to help you starting at $7.56 per page. Editing services with the same deadline have a starting price of $5.4 for each page. In reality, both of these services will have a cost well above the starting price. On top of that, there are no discounts available for customers.

Papers Quality

When you select the service you want, you’ll see a list of available writers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available about the writers or their qualifications. In most cases, you only see a sentence-long description about who they are, but nothing that will help you determine whether they’re qualified to help you.

You can see that a lot of customers aren’t happy with this service by reading reviews online. It’s understandable that students want to pay as little as possible for an academic paper considering the high cost of tuition. Nevertheless, students who decided to order a paper at the lowest price available were not happy with the quality of writing.

The most common issues customers have with the quality of papers is that they contain grammatical errors and often include claims that are not supported by facts. Some even note that it looks as if the writers use articles they find on the internet as inspiration for writing instead of credible sources. It’s safe to assume that you can get a good paper if you pay to have the top writers do your assignment.

Final Verdict

The most frustrating thing about EssayService is that they don’t have a pricing plan. The price you pay will depend on the writer your hire. In case you’re looking for affordable essays that are well-written, you should search for other academic writing services. On the other hand, you may get a good essay if you want to pay top dollar for assignment help.