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There are many fraudulent writing companies online that operate only to scam you off of your money. Killerpapers is one such website that students should be wary of. Not only is it hard to navigate and order from it, but you will also find yourself begging for your own write-up once you do. Such companies are a dime-a-dozen in the market and have given online writing services a bad name.

In this killerpapers review we go through every aspect of the company and show you how miserably it fails to provide a decent write-up. We shall further supplement this review by taking information from other such reviews to demonstrate that this company is disliked by the entire community. Do read this review in full to know why that is so and why you should avoid spending your hard-earned money here.

General Impression

The initial impression that one gets upon visiting the website is that of confusion and dismay. That is because it is very hard to navigate it and find what you are looking for. In the name of minimalism, the company has ended up with a website that is devoid of all essential information and seems like the work of an amateur.

There are various such reviews and testimonials written by students that prove that the company is not what it presents itself to be. The overall online sentiment regarding Killerpapers is that of negativity and disappointment. But let us dive deep into its features to see how they stand against such blatant criticism.

Services and Prices

One would assume that as a writing service it should at least have the basic services on offer to aid students in their studies. But as it happens, there are only a handful of services available. These are as follows:

  • Essays
  • Speeches
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Research

That is all. No, we haven’t missed out on anything. This is all that the company has to offer in an industry where every writing website is going out of its way to include as many service options as it can to stay on top of the demand. But sadly, at Killer Papers, this doesn’t seem to be the case. As a way of compensating their lack of services, the company offers study guides and tutoring but that hardly makes a dent. The choice of services provided is quite odd and leaves one with more questions than answers.

There is no price table per se which makes it even more tedious for students to get a fair estimate of the price of the services. Instead, there is a bidding process in play. According to this, once you submit your request, writers will bid on your order and you have the option of choosing the writer you feel most comfortable with. However, there is a base price of $22 per page for a 5-day deadline which is more than what any uni student can dole out.

Quality of Papers

Since there aren’t any samples to check out, it is quite hard to assess the quality of their content. To that end, we decided to get in touch with a few unfortunate students who had availed their services. As is revealed by most reviews for Killer Papers, we got to know of the sub-par standard that the company has. It seems there are hardly any students who benefited from availing their services.

All this really shows the unprofessional work ethic they maintain and the abominable quality of writers they hire for writing college assignments. Even if we leave aside the paltry number of services they offer, the quality of essays that they generate cannot be overlooked.

Customer Support

We had high hopes from the Killerpapers support unit to come through and be the silver lining. However, as it turned out they do not seem to have any concern for the problems of the students and delay their response. If you haven’t ordered yet, they will be quite polite and quick in their response. However, as soon as you order and ask them anything regarding your paper, you are made to wait for long hours.

Since email is the only way you can contact them, there is no way of knowing how long it will take for a given issue to be resolved. For our killerpapers review, we ardently wished for a live chat feature but it has been conveniently removed from their website. All this highlights that this company is nothing less than a scam that all students would do well to avoid at all cost.

Discounts and Additional Bonuses

If you are looking for a killerpapers discount code to bring the price down, then you will find yourself sorely disappointed. This is mainly due to the bidding system and the price fluctuation that is built into the mechanism. Since there is no concrete pricing, Killer Papers forego discounts of all types which really make life a whole lot tougher for students ordering from them.

All in all, we would never recommend this online writing company to even our worst enemies. Everything from services, to pricing, to quality, to customer support is fraught with problems that would take a complete overhaul to correct. Students are advised to take their money elsewhere and not get trapped in the webs of this fraudulent company.